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The Behavioral Insights Network – Philippines (BIN-PH) is a growing community of practitioners and enthusiasts who discuss and share knowledge on the behavioral sciences and its applications in the Philippines. This site is a platform where individuals and groups from various backgrounds and disciplines converge to learn more and find ways how we can improve outcomes using behavioral insights.

This is the version 2.0 of the Behavioral Insights Network – PH (BIN-PH) group on Facebook, which started in June 2020. We also have the BIN-PH Facebook Page and our newsletter, The Behavioral Insights Digest.

We aim to share, educate, and collaborate.


Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy: Leveraging on Behavioral Insights to Increase COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake among Filipinos.

As COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy remains a key challenge in achieving herd immunity in the Philippines, the Behavioral Insights Network - Philippines (BIN-PH) released its first discussion paper, "Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy: Leveraging on Behavioral Insights to...

Making Sustainable Mobility Sustainable

<The following is also featured in the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) website> The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we move. Starting with lockdowns and an initial halt on public transport, the Philippine government through its many...

Behavioral Revolution in Economics: An Extinction of Homo-Economicus?

For the longest time, Economics is believed to be the “Physics” of all social sciences. Among social scientists, economists are well known for their fascination in using mathematical equations and models to explain various...

How Behavioral Economics helped Me Change My Body and My Mind

Have you ever made promises to yourself about minimizing your fast food consumption from once a week to once a month, only to find yourself stuffing your mouth with a bucket of fries on day 2? Or maybe you committed to exercising everyday after work at 6:30 in the...

Why we suck at fulfilling our New Year’s Resolutions (and how to improve our chances of succeeding)

With everything that has happened to us this 2020, the new year is just around the corner. And as we all look forward to better days with the coming year, it's no surprise that new year resolutions loom large in conversations. But, do new year resolutions actually...

Make it Easy: A suggestion to improve commuter mobility in Metro Manila

<Note: This article was originally posted on by the author on Linkedin during the COVID-19 community quarantine in the Philippines> We often find ourselves in awe of better transport systems in other countries. Despite the economic progress we've felt in the...

Why we blog (about Behavioral Insights)

This blog rests on a simple idea - that we (humans) are not as rational as we think. There are certain limits to what the mind can process at any given time, considering information, context, and time constraints. However, most of what governs us, be it in our laws...

Who we are

Miko Nacino

Miko Nacino


Miko is a public policy and communications specialist based in Manila, Philippines. He founded the Behavioral Insights Network – PH to gather individuals and groups interested in learning and collaborating in behavioral science applications, particularly to improve public policy outcomes.

Miko is currently working on a sustainable mobility project for a development organization. He was a former Senior Manager for Risk and Reputation for a local communications consultancy, and has held various positions in the Philippine government.

Lia Neri

Lia Neri


Lia is a certified digital marketer who has worked in the field of digital communications and technology since 2014. Her expertise include generating insights using marketing and customer analytics, and executing award-winning digital communications strategies.

For Lia, Behavioral Economics helps her implement effective and insight-driven digital solutions.